Space is the breath of art

My favorite colour is colourful

Walter Gropius

Colour is a universal language and we all intuitively know how to speak it

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The World of a Magpie – E-Book


Looking for new reading material? How about the e-book “The World of a Magpie: A year in the life of Max the Magpie”, a heart-rending novel from the point of view of Max the Magpie written by Karl Faux, with impressive illustrations by the artist Ernestine Faux.



European Cultural Centre – Venice

European Cultural Centre – Venice

Personal Structures
Ausstellungsgebäude: Palazzo Mora hier
Ort: Venice citymap von Venice
Eröffnung: April 18-19.2024
Ausstellungsdauer: Parallel zur „Arte Biennale 2024“ vom 20.4. bis. 24. November 2024

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Ernestine Faux

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about me


Born in Graz, I received my education as an haute couture designer and artist in Vienna. For twenty years I lived in the Middle East and Asia, where I balanced a life between fashion design and fine arts. In 1994 I finally turned completely to the profession as a visual artist. Since the turn of the millennium I have been living in Austria again and dividing my creative time between Austria and Bali. The decades of interaction with exotic cultures on different continents, a life lived between the West and Asia, not only influenced and shaped me deeply, but also gave me precisely these valuable impulses for the exploration of colour, light an sound. My own painterly styles, the form of expression, my artistic language of colour arise precisely from this space in between. I consciously understand colour as an emotional language that is not only perceptible through the eyes, but also reaches the mind and the whole body. My PAINGINGS are non- objective acrylic or oil paintings based on the colour surface, realized with a brush on canvas. My three- dimensional RELIEF works are indoor installations, LAND ART SCULPTURES belong to the object art.