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Mankind has succeeded in entering the macrocosm and the microcosm through the development of scientific physics , thus showing a path of evolution, transformation and development from „micro“ to „macro“ and vice versa. A similar program leads us to experience Ernestine Faux latest cycle of circles, the „COLOUR-POP-UPS“. Recalling her works over the last years, like the large-format “colour-circle paintings” or “disks” and “frames” of her landscape sculptures, we are surprised, even amazed at the transformation and further development of this topic into the field of „miniature“, from macro to micro.

An insight is offered into the artistic creation and transformation pro- cess of Ernestine‘s colour cosmos, a further development of the large format works of art towards an the essential, smallest form: „Get to the point.“

The concept of the new work-scope, which originates precisely in the „lock-down of the world epidemic of Covid19“, is rather surprising. Leading from the individual field of inspiration to an „interactive“ idea and composition finding by including information from her social environment, friends, relatives, acquaintances. The external prota- gonists – and thus co-creators – are presented with colour cards via social media networks, from which they can select their personal favourites and forwarding it to the artist: „These are impulses for my work that lead to the expansion of my colour palette and this brings about a change in my work. This co- creation sensitizes me to the different moods between – what I want and what is wanted of me“.

The end results of this program are cycles of „colour circle installations“, consisting of several miniature disks in different shades. In times when we are seeing world change and external uncertainty of unimaginable dimensions, the „COLOUR-POP-UPS“ by Ernestine Faux seem to exude a joyful message and could be helpful in calming one ́s mind and thus finding seeds of a new self-image and world- view within one ́s own.